Lost in Transition

H ere we are.  It’s finally that time of year when the first unexpected cool front blows through, stirring up everyone’s excitement for Fall.  I may be ready for some cooler days to play tennis and drive my car with the windows down, but I am NOT ready for bitterly cold days with ice or snow in ANY form or fashion! Mother Nature do you hear that, Ma’am?!?! *insert dramatic head movement*

This year we wanted to make an effort to slowly shift our taste buds from the fresh, vibrant Summer crop into the deep and rich flavors of the impending change of seasons.  Sometimes it feels like we just whiz through entire months and forget about those periods of transition due to the chaos of life moving non-stop all around us.  In an attempt to dampen the pace of life and expound upon our love for food, we wanted to take a Fall dish that’s a usual suspect of ours and twist it into a late Summer staple.

Summer Fall 1

We were in the mood for some braised short ribs, so we took some time to meander around the new Uptown Whole Foods location for some inspiration (with a glass of wine in hand of course).  We’re not ready for red wine sauces, stick-to-your-ribs mashed potatoes or other hearty sides with a Sunday dinner yet.  Overall we’re a pretty decisive pair, so we quickly decided to translate this dish into Korean Beer Braised Short Ribs with quick pickled Yellow Carrots, Cucumber and Red Peppers (rice on the side).

Recipes are only launching pads of inspiration in the #winhousefoods household so we usually just shoot from the hip and trust our gastronomic intuition in the kitchen.  The trick to making these braised ribs not as heavy and velvety was the addition of a shaved pear into the braising sauce along with ginger, garlic, onion, a hefty amount of gochujang and beer.  The delicate sweetness of the pear along with the crispness of the Omission Lager that we used really balanced everything out.  I’ll be blatantly honest in confessing early on in this new blog that Alex does the majority of the cooking most times and I’m perfectly fine with that!  A worthy chef will give credit when credit is due.

Summer Fall 2

This was our Sunday Dinner that was not so ‘Lost in Transition’.  What’s a Fall flavored dish that you’re craving right now?  How can you temporarily flip it into something that slows life down before the madness of the new season smacks us in the face?

And so it begins…


I’m not one to give my whole life story up front.  Follow along and enjoy putting together the puzzle pieces of food adventures, travel excursions, spontaneous life experiences and other ramblings from my world that will involve two men and a Bruno-dog.  🙂





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